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Policies & Procedures

All new athletes and parents/guardians must read and accept the Manitoba Thunder Policies & Procedures. 

Policies & Procedures

Mission Statement

The Manitoba Thunder Fastpitch Club is committed to develop, encourage and promote Softball for the enjoyment of all Manitobans through the provision of programs, services and resources that inform, educate and teach skills at the highest level of play available.


Program Description

The Manitoba Thunder Fastpitch Club is the Organization in which governs teams that participate under the umbrella of the Manitoba Ladies Super Softball League, under the auspices of Softball Manitoba. The Club is a training ground for excellence,

training, leadership and healthy competition.


Teams participate in the Manitoba Ladies Super Softball League, Manitoba Provincial Championships, Western and Canadian Championships for which they qualify. Teams in the Organization also travel to other Provinces and the United States to complete in tournaments in order to focus on elite competition


The Manitoba Thunder Fastpitch Club is 100% volunteer based, non profit Organization which is funded through fundraising, player registration fees, sponsorships and donations.



The Board shall govern the affairs of the Organization. The Executive is comprised of five(5) elected persons, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and  Registrar.


The Board shall be comprised of the five(5) elected members of the Executive, plus one voting representative from each current team in good standing plus the Director of Procurement and the Director of Fundraising.


Coaches Evaluations/Program Feedback

The Board will appoint a “Player/Coach Development Committee” annually, prior to tryouts.The President and/or Vice President will be responsible for the distribution and collection of “Coaches Evaluations” and “Program Feedback” forms by the completion of each individual teams  playing season including any Championships. The “Player/Coaches Development Committee” will use the “Evaluations” to assist in the  selection process for the next season. The Board will use the Program Feedback information to ensure that the Organization is continually serving the needs of the membership as a whole.


Coaches Selection Procedure

The following policy is intended to guide the selection of the Organizations “Head Coaches”. The selection of  Head Coaches is the responsibility of the “Player/Coach Development Committee” through an application process.


If only one candidate applies and no significant problems are identified, as a result of previous assignments, evaluations and criminal records check, the individual may be appointed a Head Coach by the “Committee”.


If two or more candidates apply for the same coaching position the “Committee” will review the coaching applications and candidate/candidates who are clearly inappropriate can be excluded at this stage.


The Committee will then interview the remaining candidates.Taking into consideration his/her suitability referring to knowledge of the sport, philosophy, communication skills, ability to interact with players, parents, and officials, the “Committee” will, based on this criteria, select the most suitable candidate.


The Head Coach has the right to select his/her assistants and Team Manager, subject to the approval of the “Player/Coach Development Committee”.


Individuals shall be affiliated with only one team at any given time, unless otherwise approved by the Board. This includes, players, coaches and Team Managers.


Team Selection

Selection of Manitoba Thunder teams will be an open tryout. Tryouts will be held

for each level of play, which will be advertised to the public on the Softball Manitoba

 and  Manitoba Thunder websites.


Upon conclusion of the tryouts the Head Coach, his/her assistants along with the “Player/Coach Development Committee” will make the player selections.


Within one week of the final tryout date, all players who attended the tryout will be advised by the Head Coach, whenever possible, as to the following:

  a) Player will be released,

  b) Selected as a Manitoba Thunder Team Member.


The head coach shall be prepared to respond to any player, parent or guardian who is not selected to the team. The “Head Coach” or his/her appointee shall be prepared to offer constructive feedback to any player, parent or guardian if requested but not refer specifically to any other player while doing so.


Team Commitment

Players are expected to be at all scheduled games and practices. As a form of common courtesy, players are asked to advise coaches when they are unable to be at a game or practice, with as much notice as possible. Players need to be aware that there will be a higher level of time commitment, skill development, competition and financial resources required to play at this level.


Player Recruitment

All members of the Manitoba Thunder Organization shall respect Softball Manitoba rules in regard to player recruitment. Any contact for the purpose of recruitment of athletes and coaches from opposing teams between March 15th and August 15th and/or  the completion of all Western and Canadian Championships is strictly prohibited. Recruitment of players for the U12 category, for the following season, is permitted at the end of their season including provincials.


Player Registration

The Manitoba Thunder “Registrar” in conjunction with the Vice-President and the individual “Team Managers” will have the responsibility of submitting Team Registrations and any additions and deletions, along with all necessary fees, to Softball Manitoba, as required, by the established deadlines.


Player Fees

A budget for the Organization must be drafted annually and adopted by the Membership present at the Annual General Meeting.


A “Registration Fee Payment Agreement” is required indicating the selected payment schedule. The signed document is to be returned to the Head Coach, Team Manager or his/her appointee who will then forward the form to the Treasurer.


Upon full and final payment of  Registration Fees, the Thunder Treasurer will issue a receipt to the player, parent or guardian, on request.


At the discretion of the Board, failure to pay registration fees, by the due dates, may result in the suspension of the player until payment is received. Uniforms/clothing are not to be issued to the player unless all monies due have been paid in full.


Players who have financial difficulties need to provide information in confidence to an Executive Member.  


Base Registration Fee

The “Base Registration Fee”, plus two mandatory fundraising activities, for new players covers a helmet, two game jerseys, two pairs of softball pants, two pairs of socks and two belts. Returning players only receive two pairs of game socks, replacement belts if required. The “Base Registration Fee” also covers umpire fees, league fees, mandatory tournament registration fees, training facility rentals, clinician fees, Softball Manitoba Provincial,Western and Canadian Championship registration fees.



Players who withdraw from the program after all or any portion of the registration fees have been paid will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Board.



Mandatory fundraisers are necessary for the effective operation of the Organization,  in which all players must participate. These mandatory fundraisers will be identified in the Annual Budget and will be clearly communicated to all participants via the Head Coach, Team Manager or his/her appointee.


Individual teams may engage in additional fundraising efforts subject to the Director of Fundraiser’s and or Board approval.  These individual fundraisers are to be administered by the Head Coach, Team Manager or his/her appointee in their entirety, including collection and disbursal of funds to the appropriate participants.


Banner Advertising

The sale of “Banner Advertising” will have 25% retained by the Organization, with 75% credited to the players account, subject to the following conditions.


Corporate Sponsorship

One of our most important fundraisers is our “Corporate Sponsorship” which presents an opportunity for especially  local area businesses to support our Organization. “Corporate Sponsorship”  funds are allocated to Manitoba Thunder General Revenue, to be used to enhance player development and future opportunities for the Organization.

Player Credits

Player credits earned in conjunction with the Organizations mandatory fundraisers, the sale of “Banner Advertising” or Sponsorship will be administered by the Team Manager,  Head Coach or his/her appointee and the Treasurer. Player credits may be used to offset the following softball related expenses only, registration fees, mandatory fundraisers, and sanctioned Out of Town Tournament, Western or Canadian Championship Hotel Expenses.

a) Player credits are not to exceed the above softball related expenses. Receipts to verify that the credits do not exceed             expenses may be requested by the Treasurer and/or Board.

b) Player credits in excess of the above softball related expenses, as determined by the Treasurer and/or The Board, will be         retained by the Organization and placed into General Revenue at the conclusion of the individuals playing season.

c) Players released by the Organization, for any reason, will be eligible to receive their player credits as long as they do not         exceed the softball related expenses, subject to Board approval.

d) Player credits, for the players who leave the Organization on their own accord, will be placed into General Revenue.


Mandatory Tournaments

The “Coach/Player Development Committee” in conjunction with the Head Coaches,

Team Managers or his/her appointee will determine the date and place of the mandatory tournaments.


Tournament application forms are to be completed by the Head Coach, Team Manager or his/her appointee and forwarded to the “Treasurer” of the organization. The Treasurer  will forward the applications, along with the required registration fees to the tournament host prior to the stated deadline.


Accommodations for the out of town mandatory tournaments will be arranged for by a designated member of the Organization. Once tournament acceptance has been received the  Head Coach, Team Manager or his/her appointee shall determine the number of accommodations required for their team members.


Travel Permits                                                                                             

Travel permits are required for all out of Canada tournaments, not required for out of Province, unless the trip is prior to June 1st, which is prior to the Manitoba Softball Registration deadline. Individual teams will be responsible for obtaining the travel permits from Softball Manitoba prior to departure.


Good sportsmanship, professional behaviour is expected at all times, in all circumstances, by players, parents and all concerned.



The “Executive” has the power to suspend any team, player, coach, manager, or Board Member for any conduct that is detrimental to the game of Softball or the Organization.

The suspension procedure is as follows:

   a)  A written incident report is to be forwarded to a member of the Executive who is not involved in the incident.

   b)  The Executive member in receipt of the written incident report must inform the other Executive members who are not             in conflict of interest.

   c)  An investigation of the incident must be explored by a person or persons of the “Committee” appointed by the                          Executive to deal with the issue.  

   d)  The party or parties must have an opportunity to address the appointed “Committee”.

   e)  A decision must be made by the “Committee” on the incident and communicated to the Executive and the party                     concerned.

    f)  All decisions made by the “Committee” in regards to the suspension are final.


“Field of Play” Violations

The “Player/Coach Development Committee” currently made up of Ken Stewart, Ed Kulyk, Peter Isfjord and Brian Chumola have been mandated by the “Executive” to deal with “Field of Play” violations in regards to the “Manitoba Thunder Policies and Procedures” as posted on the Thunder website.


In the case of a player, parent, guardian or coaches concerns, all parties are to comply with the twenty four(24)  hour rule, which is the time between when the issue occurred and the time to address the concern.


If the party is still concerned following the twenty four(24) hour grace period, they are first to direct their concern to the party involved in a respectful manner, in order to resolve the matter.


Should the concern not be resolved by the parties concerned, the concern is to be directed, in writing, to a member of the Thunder “Executive” who will contact a member of the “Player/Coach Selection Committee” regarding the issue.


All disciplinary action imposed by the “Committee” shall be final, which may effect a players playing time, suspension, removal from the team etc.

Player Violations

Some examples of “Player Violations” but not limited to are as follows.

   - Disrespect for your teammates, coaching staffs, other players, officials, parents, guardians or spectators, whether these          individuals are members of the Thunder Organization or the competition.

   - Bad language, smoke, consume alcohol or other drugs prior to, during, after, or near any game or practice site.

   - Bullying violations, as per our “Manitoba Thunder Anti Bullying Policy”.

   - Violations in regards to “Softball Manitoba Players Code of Ethics”.


Coaches Violations

Some examples of “Coach Violations” but not limited to are as follows.

     - Disrespect for team members, coaching staffs, other players, officials, parents,

       guardians or spectators, whether these individuals are members of the Thunder

      Organization or the competition.

     - Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin etc.

     - Favouritism, development, opportunity, all players need to be treated equally.

     - Bullying violations, as per our “Manitoba Thunder Anti Bullying Policy”.

     - Violations in regards to “Softball Manitoba Coach’s Code of Ethics”.


Coaches violations in regards to “Policies” may result in disciplinary action to be taken at the discretion of the “Player/Coach Development Committee” which could result in suspension, removal from the coaching position etc.


Parent/Guardian Etc., Violations

Some examples of Parent, Guardian, Extended Family etc., violations but not limited to are as follows.

   - Disrespect for coaching staff, team members, other players, officials, other parents or

     spectators, whether members of the Thunder Organization or the competition.

   - Questioning playing time, positions played, coaching style, strategies, decisions.

   - Coaching from the stands, sidelines or near the dugout etc.

   - Accessing the dugout before, during and after a game or practice.

   - Violations in regards to ‘Softball Manitoba Fair Play Code for Spectators”.


Violations in regard to “Policies” may result in disciplinary action to be taken at the discretion  of the “Player/Coach Development Committee” which could result in the offenders right to attend games and/or practices etc.

Player/Parent Contract

The signing of the Player/Parent contract releases the Thunder Organization and its Executive, coaching staff and other players/parents from and against any and all claims, injuries, and/or damages which the player and/or parent may suffer during or as a result of the player’s participation on a Thunder softball team, including but not limited to travel to and from practices, games, tournaments, and/or related activities. Parents/guardians shall indemnify the Thunder Organization, its Executive, coaching staff, and other players/parents from and hold them harmless against any and all losses, liabilities, claims, damages, cost and expenses including legal fees and court costs of or in connection with the player’s participation in the Thunder softball team and/or the player’s performance under the terms of this agreement.

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