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Sponsorship Application

Please fill out this form if you are interested in sponsoring a specific athlete within the organization, or, the Manitoba Thunder Fastpitch Club

Sponsorship Letter

Dear Sponsor,                                        


The Manitoba Thunder Fastpitch Club is conducting our annual fundraising campaign for the upcoming 2023 Softball Season. One of our most impactful fundraisers is our “Sponsorship Advertising Banner”. This season, we have teams in the U15 and U17 age categories, participating in the AAA Manitoba Premier Softball League.


Our organization is a volunteer based, non-profit, and funded through player registration fees, fundraising, donations and sponsorship.

 Sponsors are recognized on our website, with a company graphic and a link to your website, if provided.  Digital graphics will be requested following the submission of your application.


Manitoba Thunder is committed to developing and promoting the game of softball through our programs and resources that educate our athletes and teach the skills necessary to compete at the highest level.  We believe our programs help to develop the character of the athletes who may not only give back to the sport but to the community as well. 


Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated and will help to ensure the continued success of our Softball Programs.

Drew Howard


Manitoba Thunder Fastpitch Club



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